Sulphur Engine Repair

Your engine runs smoothly based on a system of interconnected mechanical components that work in unison. Even just a small malfunction can trigger the check engine light to signal an issue within the system. Diagnosing an engine problem requires the skill and experience of a qualified mechanic. The specialists at Brooks Diesel Service LLC will quickly identify the source of engine problems and provide cost effective solutions for our Sulphur clients from our fully equipped truck repair service.

Signs of An Engine Problem

Engine trouble is the absolute worst! A lot of factors determine just how long a lifespan your vehicles engine will have. Calculate in the year of manufactured, the amount of mileage or usage. Are you giving the truck regular oil changes and keeping up with maintenance? What make or brand is it and are there any known engine difficulties? Read below, and remember you can google almost anything but there is no information like the kind you get from hands on professionals like Brooks Diesel Service LLC. Our specialists are here to answer specific questions and discuss the concerns of our Sulphur clients. Here are some signs of an engine problem:

Low Power

Does it seem like your truck struggles to pull hills? Takes longer to get up to speed even when unloaded? Loss of power can indicate many potential problems from a simple fuel filter, weak pump, injector problem or a bad sensor causing the engine to not run at its full potential.

Valve train clatter

Has the engine on your truck started to have clicks, clatter or other noises coming from the valve train that where not there at one time? It may be a sign that an overhead valve adjustment is overdue! Contact us and we will be glad to inspect the valve train and perform any needed adjustments to return it all to OEM specs.

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Check any engine problems at the first sign of trouble to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs down the road. Be vigilant and proactive when it comes to your road safety. Our helpful and informed staff are here for you. No matter the question or concern, we will be able to give you some insight and discuss possible solutions that fit your budget and schedule. If you are in Sulphur visit Brooks Diesel Service LLC for engine repair services and solutions. Call us today to schedule an appointment.